Workplace mediation


The costs for conflicts that have not been dealt with or resolved and be more than just financial. We are able to facilitate mediations that can deal with difficult and intractable conflicts quickly, conclusively and efficiently. We explore the deeper needs that drive conflicts and get parties communicating in order for them to find a solution that everyone can live with.

The majority of mediations are resolved in a day or less. The longer a conflict festers the more entrenched parties can become. By focusing on solutions we can assist parties to find a satisfactory solution.

A majority of disputes are resolved when parties engage in constructive dialogue in the mediation process.

Unresolved conflict costs a lot more than just money. Our workplace mediation services resolve.


• Approach by a party

• Confidential calls with everyone involved party

• Mediation

Mediation is:

• Confidential

• Voluntary

• Mediators are impartial

What else?:

• Parties control outcomes

• Mediators do not judge or take sides

• Agreements can be signed

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