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Welcome to Venture Mediation

We provide a cost-effective solution to sorting any differences you may have with an ex-partner about children, money or property without having the need to go to court.

We also help parties to resolve any civil, commercial or workplace disputes by reaching a mutually acceptable resolution.

Our mediation services are completely confidential and we offer a FREE initial consultation for anyone seeking further information.

For family mediation, we offer online MIAM services to save you time and money as well as giving you flexibility with scheduling your appointments. We also offer a rapid response mediation service that is not limited to normal ‘9-5’ business hours.

Our main office is in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, however, our team of accredited specialists are based throughout the UK and are able to travel just about anywhere when required.

Which Mediation service do you need?

We offer online mediation information and assessment meetings (MIAMs) as well as online mediation sessions.

Online mediation is a cost-effective solution as it eliminates the need to travel or hire rooms for meetings. Online mediation enables you flexibility with scheduling your appointments without having to leave your home or office. You can book an online MIAM with us by following the link below to our bookings page.

We understand that sometimes meeting an ex-partner in person can be uncomfortable. Using video conferencing we are able to offer online mediation as a way of communicating with parties when an in-person meeting is not preferred.

Clients can be guaranteed an online MIAM within 48 hours.

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    What is Mediation?

    The process of mediation is a guided negotiation, in which parties negotiate a resolution to their dispute with the help of a mediator. Settling disputes through mediation can save money. Is less stressful than court and more often than not it leaves parties in a better state of mind to move forwards.

    There are a number of other significant benefits of mediation including:

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